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    Toolwiz Photos Editor v9.1 apk

    Description :
    Toolwiz Photos is a superior way to make creative and gorgeous photos on Android. Toolwiz Photos is the best all-in-one PRO photo editor providing powerful tools with many one-tap effects that are easy to use. Toolwiz Photos is trying to offer a whole PS toolkit for you.

    With Toolwiz Photos, you don't need so many apps to edit a single picture. With 120+ professional tools and 800+ minor functions inside, Toolwiz allows you to edit and beautify pictures easily, and even turn your photos into amazing artistic masterpiece.

    *Key Features*
    Pro photo editor
    •Image Process: Rotate, Crop, Perspective, Resize, Reshape, Flip, Expand, Shrink, Patch, Healing, Lens Correction
    •Image Tone: Levels, RGB Curve, Brightness, Temperature, Tint, Contrast, Toning, White Balance, Color Balance, Color Effect, Color Transfer, Auto-Tone, Gradient Map, Day lighting
    •Image Enhance: Day, Spring, Night, Dark, Landscape, Underexposure, Portrait, Fog mode
    •Effect: PIP, Double, Mirror, Kaleidoscope, Fish Eye, Polar Coordinates, Target, Color Splash, Spatial, Water Reflection, Soft Smudge, Deep Render, Urban, Texturizer, WaterMark, Deskew
    •Decorate: Sticker, Frame, Border, Square Fit, Texture, Flare, DUO, Clip-art
    •HDR: Global, Partial, Keep, High Contrast, 30+ others
    •Black/White: Classic, High-Contrast, Max Channel, Min Channel, General, 50+ others
    •Blur: Box, Linear, Gaussian, Zoom Blur, Radial, Motion, Cross, Vista, Surface,
    •Painting: Fire, Freeze, Color Lead Painting, Quick Sketch, Line Drawing, Oil Painting, Gouache, Abstract, Wall Painting, Crayon Drawing, Claborate-style Painting
    •Filters: Landscape, People, Glamour Glow, Grainy Film, LOMO, Flatten, Art, Strong, Vintage, 50+ Fast Filters, 80+ perfect Feeling tone filters.
    •Cutout: Magic wand, Auto cutout, Eraser
    •Drawing: Doodle, Mosaic, Free Draw, Text, Line, Circle, Rectangle, Smudge, Eraser
    •Polish: Skin Polish, Face Swap, Face Rater, Whiten, Dermabrasion, Face Tune, Slim Face, Slim Body, Height Stretching, Bright Eye, Enlarge Eye, Whiten Teeth, Blemish
    •Blending Mixer: 20+ method for layer merge, Mask supports
    •Mask: Free Eraser, Apply, Fill, Clean, Bursh config
    •Texture: 200+ Flare & Texture, 20+ blending mode, HUE
    •Text: Movie subscript, MEME, Free Input, Decals, all with shadow support
    •Lens Blur: Lens, Linear, Symmetry
    •Online Resource: 50+ PIP frames, 400+ layouts, 500+ Stickers, 100+ texture, 100+ Flare, 100+ Light Leak
    Info :
    Requirements : Android 4.2+
    Size : 59 mb

    Paid features Unlocked - VIP Status


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